Air Charter


Why Air Charter by SNTC Travels

Air Charter International has become the forerunner in the region’s aviation sector by utilizing and implementing its core resources. These are:

Consultancy – Tailored Solutions

The team at SNTC always uses a consultative approach when responding to an enquiry. Through the entire process, they consult with the client as well as the operator, making sure that the best needs of all parties concerned are met. They also offer optimum solutions to clients and ensure that all queries made are addressed.


Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals provides operational support on site and during the entire process. They are trained to deal with the most unusual circumstances and are known in the industry as capable of doing that.
SNTC Travels also assigns an operators representative for each flight and project without any additional cost to the client. These operational personnel address all matters, no matter how menial or important and also ensure that all operations run smoothly.


We extend the reach of our clients by providing them with a vast store of information and experience. With our global online database – Skysearch, we are able to tap into an extensive network that gives access to various operators and services across the globe.
Skysearch contains a list of updated references of operators, airlines and Aircraft owners from around the world. This enables our staff to obtain and provide the client with the most competitive rates to be found on the market today.

24 / 7 Service

Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual staffs are available on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Client satisfactions being the objective, our dedicated, well trained staffs work according to the clients’ convenience and ensure that they receive the best possible service available in the aviation market today.

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