Maruti Swift
Nothing beats the comfort of Maruti Swift in the entry level hatchback range. All colors and variants of Maruti Swift available for hire.
Perfect getaway vehicle for a group of eight. Comfortable even in the back, the Innova crysta is truly India’s most loved getaway vehicle. Corporates, families, groups ….. everyone loves it.
The Luxurious BMW line is available for hire for city as well as outbound tours. SNTC travels houses the complete range of BMW lineup in India. Contact us for more details.
Full range of Audi's available. Be it the sedans, convertibles or the luxurious SUVs. Get in touch with us and we will hitch a ride of your choice at the best industry prices.
Mercedes Benz
We have an In-House range of luxurios Silver Arrows. All models available on rent namely S Class, E Class, C Class, G Class and other luxurious line from the house of Mercedes.